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Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM By Kazuo Ishiguro დათო აკრიანი

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  • Title: დაფლული გოლიათი
  • Author: Kazuo Ishiguro დათო აკრიანი
  • ISBN: 9789941240737
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback


Emily May Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
I have only read one other Ishiguro novel and that is Never Let Me Go. Nevertheless, I too was intrigued about what would happen when a highly-acclaimed author of literary fiction transitioned into fantasy. Unfortunately, having read the book, I'm still not even sure.What happened here? It's one of those novels where I can't help wondering if there's some underlying symbolism or metaphorical brilliance that totally went over my head. It's a simplistic, emotionally-detached and - at times - borin [...]
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Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Πολλούς αιώνες πριν σε μακρινά και απομονωμένα μέρη της Αγγλίας ζουν άνθρωποι μέσα στη λησμονιά. Τεράστιες περιοχές έρημες και εγκαταλειμμενες ειναι το σκηνικό που περιγράφεται με αριστοτεχνικό τροπο και μέσα σε μικρές κοινότητες πανομοιότυπες ζουν Βρετανοί και Σαξονες [...]
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Petra X Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
1 star - I don't often feel guilty at not being able to finish a book, but I do this time. It's not like I didn't try. I made three attempts to read it.1. I got the book. I read a few chapters. The characters didn't have any personalities, the descriptions of them didn't bring them to life at all and I wasn't enamoured of the setting either. So I gave it up.2. Tried the audio book. Was it going to be any better listening to the story paper-dry protagonists and their fantasy quest. No. My mind ke [...]
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Andrew Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Is it better to remember? Or can we only live with ourselves and one another through ignorance?Kazuo Ishiguro writes a spellbinding fable of one elderly couple's quest for memory. Their journey takes us deep into a nostalgically rendered Dark Age. A post-Arthurian Britain inhabited by the myths and heroes of those isles, and a few more mythic traditions as well. Yet it is a fragile Britain where everything balances on the knife edge: social mores, the civilizational veneer, lifelong marital love [...]
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Issicratea Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
The Buried Giant is a subtle and melancholy reflection on memory and forgetfulness and the roles they play both in the lives of individuals and those of countries and peoples. It is the kind of novel that yields up its secrets gradually, and it’s worth persisting with even if you are not initially convinced. It’s a very distinctive work—distinctive to the point of eccentricity—and the reviews have been accordingly mixed, some very negative. To enjoy it, you have to cede to its peculiar, [...]
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Jayson Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
(B) 72% | More than SatisfactoryNotes: There’s meaning to be taken from its final few chapters, though the journey there is tiresome, plodding and colorless.
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Ashley Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Updated 4/30/2015: For context, you should know that I’ve read three previous Ishiguro novels: The Remains of the Day, Never Let Me Go, and We Were Orphans. I disliked We Were Orphans pretty strongly, and liked Never Let Me Go (probably not as much as I would have if I hadn’t been spoiled for it, and I’d probably like it better on re-read). But Remains of the Day is one of my favorite books of all time. Like, if I had a top ten list of books that represent me and my inner life, this would [...]
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William1 Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
I am an Ishiguro enthusiast if ever there was one. I have read his oeuvre. That's why it pains me a little to say that I found The Buried Giant disappointing. I say this not because I think Ishiguro's skills as a novelist are one whit duller than usual. But because I did not care for the story or its characters. They did not engage me. He's going after a new readership with this book. He's going after the vast fantasy market. That's fine. A writer must write what he must write. Just don't expect [...]
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Jan-Maat Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Foolishness, sir. How can old wounds heal while maggots linger so richly? Or a peace hold for ever built on slaughter and a magician's trickery? I see how devoutly you wish it, for your old horrors to crumble as dust. Yet they await in the soil as white bones for men to uncover (p327)Uncanny, haunting, I must have read this novel at the right time for me as it found a sure spot under my skin and disturbed my normally peaceful sleep.It seems to me that Ishiguro is one of those writers who is alwa [...]
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Barry Pierce Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
As someone who has read all of Ishiguro's previous works I was of course more than excited to finally get my hands on a copy of The Buried Giant. Oh boy, if only that excitement hadn't been sourly crushed by the actual contents of this novel. The Buried Giant is very different from all of Ishiguro's other novels. In fact it's so different that I can't even compare it to any of his previous novels. The main difference is of course that this is essentially a fantasy novel. Now I'll be the first to [...]
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Andrea Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Oh boy, this is the book that caused such uproar among Ishiguro fans! Before you pick up this novel, please believe me when I say this is going to be nothing like any of his previous work. So if you are resistant to change, you might want to skip this one. Don’t expect it to be The Remains of the Day, and definitely don’t think this is going to be the next Never Let Me Go. In fact this book won’t even be set in our own time or even plane of reality. On the surface of it all, The Buried Gia [...]
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Annet Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
I need to think about this book. Changed my mind from 3 stars to 3.5 rounded off to 4. Mainly because Ishiguro's style of writing is beautiful to me. And the story telling too, although this story had its highs and lows. Not his best, but still Ishiguro style. So, I thought about it, and this book did make an impression on me. Therefore, changed my view. And this link: Neil Gaiman reviewing the book, I like his observations. nytimes/2015/03/01/boo
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Jill Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Kazuo Ishiguro is a master stylist, with books that range from futuristic, sci-fi, surrealistic and post-colonial. So it is no surprise that his new novel is unlike anything he has written before. Like its predecessors, this novel concentrates on memories: their power to silence, distort, and forever haunt, with characters that are often alienated and searching. Yet the book is distinctly an adventure fable, integrating an ancient British civilization with fantasy.The two questions are: is it go [...]
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Phrynne Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
For the first hundred pages or so I thought I was going to love this book. The idea of the old couple setting off on what amounted to a pilgrimage, the mist and the way people were losing memories and the beautifully executed writing style all added up to a possible five star read. Then just around the half way point I suddenly realised I was a little bored and was starting to skim the longer paragraphs. Part of this was that I had developed an attachment to Axl and Beatrice and did not want to [...]
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Kristijan Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Pustio sam malo da se slegnu utisci, da razmislim o Išiguru, Pokopanom divu (ili kako god da ga budu preveli naši izdavači ako ga uopšte i budu preveli jer je retko ko u RS zainteresovan za objavljivanje njegovih romana a čovek je genije), likovima, rečenicama koje su mi ušle u genetski kod, temama, poruci, i dolazim do neizbežnog zaključka da sam pročitao jedno izuzetno delo - toliko kompleksno, slojevito, isprepletano i ujedno toliko osećajno, setno, melanholično.Ako očekujete da [...]
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Holly Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Spoiler-free video review: youtube/watch?v=DoTOXWritten review (also spoiler-free):Ishiguro’s new novel was my most anticipated release of this year, so I was unbelievably excited when a review copy came in from the Allen & Unwin representative. Thank goodness this lived up to (and even exceeded) my expectations. Set in 6th Century Britain, it follows an elderly couple who set out from their village to find their son. I knew nothing about this going into it, so it took me a little while to [...]
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Elaine Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
There are certain writers - David Mitchell, Kate Atkinson, Hilary Mantel, Chiang Rae Lee - where I think, "OK, I'll follow you anywhere, no matter how weird or improbable that place you want to take me is." A Dutch enclave in 18th century Japan? A futuristic Baltimore devoted to pisciculture? 1800 pages telling Tudor history from the vantage point of one of its better known villains? Groundhog Day set in WW2? Yes, and yes, and yes, and yes, and there you have half of my favorite books from the l [...]
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Pantelis Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
In his other books, Mr. Ishiguro relies on unreliable narrators to convey his messages. In this one, he relies on an unreliable narrative but he chooses the most reliable narrator of all. And the most inevitable…Memory is a blessing and a curse. The roots of love and hate, intertwined, nourish our life and death
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PopiTonja Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Sklopila korice, privila na grudi i tiho zajecala. Ostala tako dugo.Vraticu joj se jednom ponovo. Do tada, o m i lj e n a!
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Nikoleta Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Πολύ καλογραμμένο, αλλα και πολύ μελαγχολικό, παρόλο που τελείωσε κι καταπιάστηκα με άλλα καθημερινά πράγματα, συνεχίζει να με κυκλώνει μία ελαφριά θλίψη.3.5/5 αστεράκια.
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James Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
‘The Buried Giant’ is the first of Ishiguro's novels that I have read – and being well aware of his previous accomplishments, critical acclaim, Nobel and Booker prize winning standing – it was with much anticipation, high expectation, although inevitably some apprehension that I embarked on this book – would Ishiguro and this novel in particular live up to his high standing and reputation? I was far from disappointed… ‘The Buried Giant’ is a hauntingly evocative, compelling and i [...]
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Maciek Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Kazuo Ishiguro's latest book came as a surprise. It's been 10 years since his last novel, Never Let Me Go, and apart from a lone collection of short stories - Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall in 2009 - the author has largely been silent. The Buried Giant appeared suddenly and unexpectedly, without much fanfare - shouldn't it be a big deal?Ishiguro's latest book is very different from the two of his novels that I have read, The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go - both of which [...]
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Fabian Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Does 'The Buried Giant' Bury Our Own Literary One? This bein' his last novel before receiving the Nobel award (one assumes for 'Remains' and 'Never')--the answer is a loud resounding NO!But--It vascillates between charming and unnerving, two polar opposite Ishiguro juggles well. It's an existential apocalyptic fairytale; a Shrek-world suddenly gone earl-grey and maudlin. ColourlessIt is One Wondrous Misfire. Not one to announce AT ALL what the master is actually capable of doing. Some genres jus [...]
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Perry Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
The Raindrops of Our Memories“But then again I wonder if what we feel in our hearts today isn't like these raindrops still falling on us from the soaked leaves above, even though the sky itself long stopped raining. I'm wondering if without our memories, there's nothing for it but for our love to fade and die.” K. Ishiguro, The Buried GiantThere are times, I think, one must admit bewilderment and a certain lack of knowledge or learning to fully understand some novels, but can nonetheless say [...]
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Γκέλλυ Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Με τον Ishiguro συμβαίνει το εξής, και στα 2 βιβλία του που έχω διαβάσει, ενώ μου αρέσει το στόρι, τον βρίσκω απίστευτα φλατ και άνευρο. 3.5 αστέρια θα έλεγα, μου άρεσε η μελαγχολία του αλλά ψιλοβαρέθηκα.
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Heidi The Hippie Reader Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Axl and Beatrice are an aging married couple in the time of King Arthur. They're on a quest to visit their son and face otherworldly threats like ogres and pixies as well as more regular dangers like Saxons on the road. They meet a boy named Edwin, who has a secret, and a warrior named Wistan, who is on a quest of his own. Making matters even more difficult, there's a mind-fogging mist covering the land that makes people forget things that just happened to them moments ago and the past is a puzz [...]
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RitaSkeeter Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
One of the things I always find about a Kazuo Ishiguro novel, is how labyrinthine and multi-layered they are. I don't fully understand the book after a first reading, but this is a book I want to go back and read a second and third time, and sink further into its mysteries.This is a hazy, melancholic, and atmospheric novel that draws you deeply into its folds as you join Axl and Beatrice's quest for answers. There is so much that could be said about this book, but I'm not the person to do it. I' [...]
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switterbug (Betsey) Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
Ishiguro cannot be pigeonholed as an author, although he does have emblematic characters. He can master the alternative present (Never Let Me Go), the WW II era (several), and, in this latest novel, the ancient past. He consistently pens flawed narrators that make critical, life-changing choices. And the narrators often leave their geographic comfort zoneE BURIED GIANT is a combination myth, legend, allegory, adventure, and fantasy. I didn't know if it would capture my attention when I started i [...]
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Ivan Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
My favorite book from Ishiguro so far which is saying something since I given 5 stars to When we where orphans and The remains of the day is on my favorites list.
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Fiona Jan 19, 2020 - 15:55 PM
This book is really interesting. It split the crowd, and I've scrolled through the reviews and none of them says quite what I thought about it. It took me two months to read. This review is probably quite cryptic and confusing, so I may come back and edit for clarity when I've had a bit of distance. Call it a work in tentative progress. (Edit: I've now added a note to the end - behold, opinions!)They're calling this a departure for Ishiguro, and I don't really know why. Admittedly the only other [...]
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