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The Liberators Best Download || [Chris Lynch]
Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM By Chris Lynch

The Liberators Best Download || [Chris Lynch] - The Liberators, The Liberators All the sizzle chaos noise and scariness of war is clay in the hands of ace storyteller Lynch Kirkus ReviewsChris Lynch concludes his gritty thoughtful and critically acclaimed WWII fiction series
  • Title: The Liberators
  • Author: Chris Lynch
  • ISBN: 9780545523042
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover


Ms. Yingling Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineNick Nardini, who played baseball while his best friend Zach Klecko was in the Civilian Conservation Corps They aren t wild about leaving Ohio and going to war, especially since Zach has a girl, but they sign up since they are promised by the recruiter that they will be together Zach isn t very fast, and his feet are almost flat, but the two end up as Paramarines, in the Second Parachute Battalion After grueling training, they think they will get sent to Gu [...]
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Chris Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
The book was ok I didn t really like how it started with him going to boot camp Then eventually being called into war He was a star baseball player, and then served for world war 2 He had his best friend along with him through boot camp The book got a little confusing at times It felt like there was a mix of events happening at once I would recommend this book to a person who would like the Americans point of view for world war 2 I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars.
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ColeB Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
The book I have read is called The Liberators This book is written by Chris Lynch who has been publishing books for than 25 years Also the lexile level of this book is 1050 and the reading level is 6.5 Mainly this book is about A guy named lynch who has always wanted to become a paratrooper in the army He joins the army himself and drags his best friend Zachary Klecko to complete his dream with him As they join the army they are surprised by how hard becoming a paratrooper really is.The Liberat [...]
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AustinF._8Rdg Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
I really liked this book because he is controverting over how he wishes he could have played professional baseball but knows he is doing a good thing y fighting for our country As nick goes threw hardships in war he thinks of the best and gets through them I really liked the book because it made me want to keep reading.
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Alex Baugh Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
I ve tried some many times to give this a 4 star rating but keeps it at a one star rating for some glitchy reason.As much as he loved playing baseball, when the Eastern Shore League suspended operations in 1941 for the duration of the war, player Nick Nardini could understand why I guess it just seemed suddenly really dumb to have the fittest guys in America playin ballgames when the rest of the world was out there killing each other in a war that was without a doubt gonna eventually include the [...]
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Cole.Clemons Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
I really enjoyed this book This showed the view of a marine paratrooper Nick in the beginning The main character was a baseball star who enlists in the marines with his best friend Zach It also shows his many thrilling adventures The spoiler, is that a main character in the navy from a previous book, hears his brother in the army air corps was KIA killed in action and in the end of this book, Nick meets that brother who was KIA and now we know he is alive.
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andrew looker Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
Personal ResponseI think this book was good because it combines unexpected things with a lot of good moments like say a person dies they ll combine it with a good moment like finding someone who was MIA Missing in Action Also it combines tense and loose moments together which not a lot of books do.PlotNardini is Left Fielder for the Centerville Red Socks and he joins the Marines with his friend Zack They train for 2 years all around Forts in the U.S and end up becoming Marine Paratroopers They t [...]
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Angel Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
Nick Martini and Zach Klecko are not really excited about going to war, since Nick will be leaving his baseball life Zach is not to excited of leaving, because he is about to leave his girlfriend Rose They signed up, because the recruiter promised them that they would be together during training and everything After a lot of training, they are sent to Vella Lavella to protect the airfield there After doing that, they are sent together to Choiseul Island, and hopefully fight the Japanese of the I [...]
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Tom Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
This book is about a man in the army His name was Nick Nardini He was training using the buddy system with his friend Zack Klecko They are middle aged men with blond hair One day they went inside the barraks and they saw a flyer for being a paratrooper marine Him and his friend decided it would be a good thing for them They went through extreme training They then got deployed to islands as sub machine gunners They went through island after island defeating the enemies This was a great book and I [...]
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Maria Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
Nick Nardini wants to be in the thick of the fighting but he knows that he needs his best friend, Zachary Klecko at his side He talks Klecko into joining the Marines with him and they are sent off to the Pacific Island hoping has taught Nick, that than ever he needs his buddies beside him.Why I started this book I wanted to finish the series.Why I finished it Nick s attitude grated a little but this book packs a powerful punch Lots of history for such a small book Cool to see all the historical [...]
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Nathan Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
we stalk, like panthers pg 146 its a simile they mean that the marines them stalk a japanese pillbox bunker they stalk like panthers Panthers among the best stalkers of all times, maybe leopards beat them so panthers are in secondnthers require on cover and silence, those are their two main weapons.
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Erin Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
incredible series of books
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Austin Nielsen Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
This book was okay at time but sometimes it was boring Id give it like a 5 10
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Riff Talsma Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
I love how every book there is new characters and everyone is connected
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Landon Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
I would give it a one star because it did have a good storyline like all the other books and it was just a very boring book it didn t have a very good climax and just was a let down
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Dylan O Oct 24, 2021 - 13:16 PM
i thought that the book was great it had some action and some sad parts the last few chapters were my favorite because the main cheaeter zach was going to Okinawa and iwo jima but the part when they fin canabels in a some of the caves.
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The Liberators By Chris Lynch The Liberators Best Download || [Chris Lynch] - The Liberators, The Liberators All the sizzle chaos noise and scariness of war is clay in the hands of ace storyteller Lynch Kirkus ReviewsChris Lynch concludes his gritty thoughtful and critically acclaimed WWII fiction series

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  • The Liberators Best Download || [Chris Lynch]
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The Liberators