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The Fire Mages Best Download || [Pauline M. Ross]
Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM By Pauline M. Ross

The Fire Mages Best Download || [Pauline M. Ross] - The Fire Mages, The Fire Mages Kyra has always been drawn to the magic of spellpages She is determined to leave her small village far behind and become a scribe wielding the power of magic through her pen Halfway through her train
  • Title: The Fire Mages
  • Author: Pauline M. Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Marina Finlayson Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
You know how people are always complaining that fantasy worlds shouldn t be so patriarchal just because most of them are modelled on the Middle Ages, and that someone should write a fantasy where the women have true equality in society Well, someone has Her name is Pauline M Ross, and the book is The Fire Mages It s a great read, full of magic and adventure, and tells the story of Kyra, a very level headed young girl who has big ambitions to be a law scribe and wield magic through written spells [...]
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Ken Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
It was not a bad book, just not one I could enjoy The sex and the various, always changing relationships were far too prominent I enjoy a nice story about hidden talents and long lost knowledge These aspects exist in this book, so I give it two stars instead of one Without the sex and romance it could have been four.
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Jane Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
This is a curious story, told in the first person by a strangely detached main character, of a series of events that put me in mind of a nineteenth century penny dreadful or a silent Perils of Pauline type film Yet it had me gripped right to the end I admit I downloaded it with a half dozen others because it was one of the books close to my own in the rankings, it sounded interesting, and I wanted to see what was popular Pauline Ross s book was the only one of the lot I read all the way through [...]
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Elise Edmonds Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
This book started very quickly We zoom through about six years in the first 10% or so At that point, I was wishing the story would slow down, because I didn t feel I was getting a feel for Kyra, the main character, and because none of the secondary characters were particularly well developed I was disappointed we didn t learn about Kyra s initial training as a scribe, and we heard very little about the friends she made during this early period.However, the story dragged me onwards, and the quic [...]
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J.R. Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I could not put this book down The pacing was perfect and kept me engaged from beginning to end The writing style was just as phenomenal as I ve come to expect from Pauline M Ross The main characters were authentic than I think you usually get in fantasy stories, but just like Robin Hobb, Ross is a master at crafting authentic characters This story had everything I look for in a fantasy novel with action that kept the pages turning and a main character that I was rooting for from page one.The m [...]
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Charlie Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
5 magic filled stars I expected to like this book, what I didn t expect was to fall absolutely in love with it.This is one of the best epic fantasy books I ve read in a long time and I don t say that lightly As as new to me author, this was entirely unexpected but I can honestly say I enjoyed this just as much as anything I ve read from Brandon Sanderson or Trudi Canavan my two all time favourite epic fantasy authors This book actually reminded me a lot of Elantris in the fact that it has a magi [...]
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Rachel Cotterill Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I really enjoyed everything about this book, from the well constructed world to the determination and stoicism of young Kyra, to her shifting relationships with her two drusse holders A very enjoyable read Full review strangecharmbooks 2015 0
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Kyra Halland Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
The Fire Mages is another novel set in Pauline Ross s Brightmoon World, the world of her first novel, The Plains of Kallanash I enjoyed Plains very much, and Fire Mages even Though set in a different country and culture, with different characters, The Fire Mages has another original social structure for example, a man s pregnant mistresses are guests of honor at his wedding as proof of his fertility, and women can also have legally contracted lovers and interesting magic system I enjoyed the ma [...]
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Neil McGarry Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
With The Fire Mages, Pauline Ross continues the road that began with with The Plains of Kallanash, and it s a welcome journey Not that Mages is a sequel blessedly it s a stand alone in a world of fantasy trilogies but not only does it take place in the same world, but it contains many of the same delights and manages to come up with a few treats of its own Ross has a way with prose, and one never has to re read a sentence or paragraph to figure out what she s talking about the writing is so smoo [...]
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DaBear Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
This book was provided by the publisher via NetGallery for an exhange for my honest review Warning some spoilers in the review This book is not my cup of tea I will tell you why 1 Kyra She is horny frigid if that makes any sense I disliked that she slept with 3 guys almost 4 without any feelings I felt that she is totally empty, cold and have no emotions whatsoever She is just incapable of love or she just never met right person because every single guy in this book treated her so badly that she [...]
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Dagmar Bancroft Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
The Fire Mages by Pauline M Ross Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.I was lucky enough to get a free copy for an honest review so here we go Kyra would love to be a law scribe and after some years in school she does a spell for her sister that goes horribly wrong and bang goes her hopes and dreams A stranger see her gift and helps her go to another city and tells her that she is a living mage with loads of magic inside of her They try and find out how to harness th [...]
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Fraslund Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I went into this book not knowing what to expect and ended up pleasantly surprised The magic system is unique and interesting and the characters while often times frustrating, are complex and felt real to me The only thing that I found jarring was near the middle when the main character suffers a loss to her dreams and has to divert her path The transition from the earlier part of the book to that new plot twist briefly took me out of the story, but I was able to quickly get back into the new pa [...]
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Garet Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
This wasn t a bad book The story s enjoyable, and the author has ditched a number of the cloying conventions of this genre For example, you know from the beginning the narrator is some kind of chosen one However, that s never used to surprising effect in fact, it sets a pattern for the rest of the book The next plot point always feels like it was meant to be a surprise, but you see every one coming from a mile away.The magic system is fun but not terribly original It s basically the same as in [...]
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Jenni Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I have given this book 5 stars because I genuinely enjoyed the story, the characters and the world that they are living in This is the authors second book and the writing style is good I enjoyed the way that certain strange words were used, but from context it was easy to understand their meaning There are some surprises and some expectations met, it is an easy read, page turner I like the fact that the characters were not perfect, they made mistakes and all had some flaws, it makes them believ [...]
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Rochelle Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I received this book as part of a giveaway To begin, I enjoyed the plot of the book It was really interesting At times it could be a bit slow, including the beginning But it was clear that it was needed to build up the story What made the book interesting for me was the main character Kyra was really different than your average character Kyra tends to lack emotions, in particular, the emotion love I got the feeling that Kyra cared for people, but did not really love them Or, she was so detached [...]
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H. Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I enjoyed this book for the cultural exploration and magic than anything, because I m a sucker for new social systems and long lost arcanotech The plot takes a while to kick in, but the build up of Kyra s life seeking her professional goals only to see them thwarted, then discovering that something she thought was commonplace actually set her far apart from the norm was consistently interesting, and proceeded in a way that felt a lot organic than most young person learns they re special storie [...]
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M.A. Clarke Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
A lot of thought has been put into the magical world of Benna and it makes a rich backdrop for this blend of fantasy and coming of age story The romantic elements feel fresh and interesting, and add a bit of depth to the colourful cast of characters Every chapter is an effortless read, and I quickly found myself immersed in Kyra s story, eager to see what would happen next Whilst I did find the moments of combat a little underwhelming considering the book s title, there s surprisingly few scenes [...]
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Laura Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
This book was a good book, that definitely could have been a lot better One of my big issues was that the pacing of the book felt really off I think it could have done much better if the author had split it into two or three books It had this kind of plot build up, resolution, plodding bit, new conflict, build up, resolution, boring bit, new conflictce that makes me think that it would do well as several books instead of one and would allow the author to spend a bit time on world building and c [...]
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Stephanie Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I loved this book Things that I loved a female protaganist who repeatedly puts her career goals above romance, getting married, and having children The worldbuilding I m so excited that there are books in this world, even though they aren t following the same characters This book did a good job of balancing the use of fantasy language with gradual explanations of what they meant The magic I like that spellpages are a thing Magic can be scribed if you know what you re doing and have the right re [...]
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Marinda Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
This is a very well written book about a young girl named Kyra who wants to be a law scribe She lives in a small village and saves all her money to go to the city to study She has wanted this since she was a small child Her idea is career first love second, so watching her interact and her trying to understand her feelings for the mage Cal was quite interesting The characters seemed to come to life and the storyline was well written I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be looking for [...]
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Summer Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I liked the world building in this a lot, and while the characters at first weren t very likeable I had hoped that over time the main character would grow and meet likeable people This didn t really happen, which is a shame since I though the idea for this book and the world building was still excellent I just pretty much disliked everyone in the book and for me, while world building is important, I m much interested in characters.
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David Watters Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I was really pleasantly surprised at the great quality of The Fire Mages I was scrolling through reddit and Ms Ross had announced that she was promoting this title for free for a 2 day period Well, I have to say, good promoting I just purchased the other 2 books in the series and I am looking forward to reading them very much.
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Rebecca Saxton Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I read this book not knowing what to expect All I can say is that I did not want to put this book down from the start The story was engaging , different and moved at a consistent smooth pace I look forward to reading the rest of her books
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Tia Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I m not too sure how to feel about this novel While it was well written, I had trouble really getting into it and enjoying it as much as I could have I don t think it was nearly as descriptive and adventurous as it could of been Never the less, it was a good read by a promising author.
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Carrie Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
Magic, romance, a hidden realm, and mystery The Fire Mages is packed with exciting elements that kept me compulsively reading it Great fantasy fiction
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fasz Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
Kyra is mildly autistic She has a huge problem of interpreting other people, she has an even larger problem expressing her own feelings She clearly has this stance of staying away from the problems, keeping them at arms length, giving oneself time to think through.That might have been interesting, there are not that many authentically autistic characters in fantasy But she is also selfish and self absorbed, and the worst part is, she seems to be unaware of the fact.She leaves anyone who is not u [...]
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Elizabeth Jane Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
Soooooo good I read this series out of order because I started with The Fire Mages Daughter I HAD to come back and see exactly how events transpired before Drina was born So happy I did Drina s mother seemed off putting and strange in The Fire Mages Daughter Upon reading her story, Kyra s specific character traits and strength of will are revealed in a different fashion She is no nonsense, but still cares deeply for others She is an anomaly of her time I loved reading the background about her an [...]
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Julia Wood Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
I wish this had been of a bridge between Plains of Kallanash and the current time, as it feels like many years have passed inbetween Granted, I m aware this probably doesn t flow in any chronological order so perhaps the next book will fill in blanks However, since I did erroneously read The Fire Mages Daughter first, it was nice to have all of the background on that story filled in here I personally enjoyed the characters, the history, and I m still in love with this fantasy world however bac [...]
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Kathryn LaCoss Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
Engaging Fun StoryI gave this book a 5 star rating as it was engaging, romantic, with power and mystery and twisting plots and the story leapt off the pages and into my imagination.
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Leann Feldt Oct 24, 2021 - 12:58 PM
Great , Wonderful read Unique characters, well rounded flawed.
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The Fire Mages By Pauline M. Ross The Fire Mages Best Download || [Pauline M. Ross] - The Fire Mages, The Fire Mages Kyra has always been drawn to the magic of spellpages She is determined to leave her small village far behind and become a scribe wielding the power of magic through her pen Halfway through her train

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