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[PDF] Download ↠ دکتر فاستوس | by ↠ Christopher Marlowe لطفعلی صورتگر
دکتر فاستوس
Christopher Marlowe لطفعلی صورتگر
[PDF] Download ↠ دکتر فاستوس | by ↠ Christopher Marlowe لطفعلی صورتگر
Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM By Christopher Marlowe لطفعلی صورتگر

  • Title: دکتر فاستوس
  • Author: Christopher Marlowe لطفعلی صورتگر
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover


BillKerwin Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
The history of Dr. Faustus, both in performance and composition, is obscured by legend and shrouded in surmise. We know it was wildly popular, but not when it was written or first performed: perhaps as early as 1588, when Marlowe was twenty-four, or perhaps as late in 1593, the year Marlowe died. At any rate, it so captured the public imagination that people told stories about it. The most vivid of the legends tells us that real devils were once conjured during a performance, that actors were co [...]
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Manny Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Selling Your Soul: A Short PowerPoint PresentationGood morning. I recall reading an article about Tony Blairwhere the columnist said that one of the surprising things about selling your soul is that the price usually turns out to be so low. There is, indeed, a tendency to think that it's a question of getting an advantageous deal. Here, Faust has landed himself a terrific package, even better than the one Keanu Reaves gets in The Devil's Advocate. The top item is Sex With Helen Of Troy. Let me q [...]
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Bookdragon Sean Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Doctor Faustus is a tragic figure. He is a confused man bursting with ambition and a thirst for knowledge, but at the same time conflicted in his morals. Faustus is also a genius; he has studied Aristotle’s teachings but finds them beneath him and craves something more suited to his superior intellect. He decides to study the dark art of Necromancy. Through this he summons the devil and he quickly sells his soul for more power; thus, this could only end one way. A Tragic fall from grace“His [...]
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Kalliope Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
I keep thinking of Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) as if he had been his own Faustus, but he must have been tricked because he did not get his twenty-four years of devilish powers. Just a few, very few in fact. He was a writer of sharp wits who could flex his Disputatio abilities better than a dagger, and had an impeccable formal education of a solidity that even his more famous contemporary would have wished for himself.So soon he profits in divinity,The fruitful plot of scholarism graced,That [...]
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Roy Lotz Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
How to Become a Successful Elizabethan Playwright in 7 Easy Steps1. Consider visiting Elizabethan England. When you're there, take careful notes. The first thing you'll notice is that most people talk in blank verse. Spend enough time there, and you might start speaking like that too!2. Set a routine! Successful writers abide by a careful schedule, allowing them to keep their work on track. Most Elizabethan playwrights prefer to write in the morning, setting aside the evening for brothels, bar f [...]
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Ahmad Sharabiani Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, Christopher MarloweThe Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, commonly referred to simply as Doctor Faustus, is an Elizabethan tragedy by Christopher Marlowe, based on German stories about the title character Faust, that was first performed sometime between 1588 and Marlowe's death in 1593. Two different versions of the play were published in the Jacobean era, several years later.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: [...]
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Andrew Breslin Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
I don't know about you, but my idea of a good time is to sneak into a gathering of Elizabethan literary scholars and just provoke the living shit out of them. I like to get them feuding about whether Shakespeare was a genius of surpassing magnitude, standing well above Marlowe and the rest in raw poetic brilliance, or simply the only one among the group who attended a marketing class. It's fun to re-open the perpetual debate on Edward de Vere's alleged authorship of the Bard's plays, then sit ba [...]
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Aubrey Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
This work came at an odd time for me. The English class I read it for gave a quiz on it today, while my other English class went over Wordsworth's 'Tintern Abbey' in great detail, a poem that is heavily concerned with coming back to a familiar setting after five years gone and rhapsodizing upon the findings. The first time I read this work, it was fall quarter of Junior year of my UCLA Bioengineering degree and I was keeping my head afloat the equational sea with classical literature in my spare [...]
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Foad Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
سوژه ى داستان بسيار عالى و جذابه:دكتر فاستوس، دانشمندى دينى، كه همه ى علوم زمانه ى خود را به كمال آموخته و در راه تحصيل و تدريس پير شده است، شبى پى مى برد كه تمام تلاش يك عمرش بيهوده بوده و هيچ طرفى از تحصيل اين علوم بر نبسته است.در نتيجه، طى معامله اى با شيطان، حاضر مى شود كه روح [...]
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David Sarkies Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
To Dance with the Devil24 January 2014 Well it looks like my commentary is going to disappear among the hundred or so other commentaries that have appeared on in relation to this magnificent play. Okay, poor old Marlowe has unfortunately not just been overshadowed by Shakespeare within the theatre circuit of Elizabethan England (that is if he wasn't Shakespeare in the first place – gee that's just opened up a huge can of worms) Anyway, as I was saying, it wasn't enough that as a playwright he [...]
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Pink Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
So much more enjoyable than I expected. A breeze to read, that worked well on paper and gave me plenty of laughs. What more could I want?
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Forrest Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
While I tease my daughter incessantly about the true identity of Shakespeare, I have to admit that while a lot of evidence points towards Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare being the same person, I can't, in all honesty, hold up the play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus as a Shakespeare-worthy text. Yes, the magical element present in so much of Shakespeare's work is here, yes, there is a good dose of humor, and, yes, the writing itself is, well, Shakespearean. But Doctor Faustus' humor i [...]
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Fernando Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
"Ea, ¿Por qué lloras? Es ya demasiado tarde. Desespérate pues. Adiós. Los locos que ríen en la Tierra, deben llorar en el Infierno."Siempre tuvo una atracción fuerte en mí la historia de Fausto en sus distintas formas. Como es de esperar con este personaje, usualmente se comienza con el más famoso libro de Goethe hasta ir conociendo otras versiones de esta trágica historia. Si bien me falta leer el Doktor Faustus de Thomas Mann, no creo que el argumento cambie mucho entre todas estas ob [...]
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Calista Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
This is the famous story of Faustus making a deal with the devil and losing his eternal soul. The commentary talks about this as the transition work from Middle ages to the Renaissance from contemplating God to the age of reason. I have to say, I enjoy Shakespeare more than Marlowe, yet maybe I'm not used to his style is the issue. The story is simple and it has become a standard that is still used today. Everyone knows this story even if they have never read or seen this play.This is great to r [...]
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Andrei Tamaş Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Tragica poveste a Doctorului Faustus are în centru setea de cunoaştere, dorinţa de a trece peste anumite etape ale cunoaşterii pentru a atinge cunoaşterea absolută, ceea ce atrage după sine falsificarea eticii de baza a omului. Setea de cunoaştere a stăpânit întotdeauna spiritele iniţiate, ştiinţa fiind ca un drog, iar sevrajul -ca în opera- atrage după sine "soluţia finală": pactul cu ideaticele forţe ale răului. Redată într-un univers alegoric, opera nu fixează o acţiun [...]
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Bruce Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Marlowe has written this excellent play in skillful blank verse. Faustus’s learning and ambition are boundless, rooted in a dissatisfaction with human achievement and ultimately based on the realization that death ends all, making any achievement seem finally futile. Many Latin quotations are included in the play, all translated in the text or the end notes, each reinforcing Faustus’s learning. He turns finally to the occult, to necromancy, in order to move beyond mere human power. Is this o [...]
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Liam Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
As dark and twisted as this was, it was actually really great!!The start was a little slow but when it gets going I really started to enjoy it. The story is very weird and messed up but it made it that bit more entertaining!
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Joudy Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Not marching in the fields of Thrasimene, Where Mars did mate the warlike Carthagens, Nor sporting in the dalliance of love In courts of kings, where state is overturned,Nor in the pomp of proud audacious deeds, Intend our Muse to vaunt his heavenly verseA tragedy written by Christopher Marlowe during the age of the Elizabethan Era in England, coinciding heavily with the many other historical events, both past and during his timeWrath, Sloth, Lust, Pride , Avarice, gluttony and envy are vital pa [...]
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Kaethe Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus From the Quarto of 1604 - Christopher Marlowe I was bored. There wasn't any good reason for the devils to be doing anything for Faustus, and this business of signing up souls? What the hell is that? Assuming the soul is a real, discrete, item that can be separated from a body, why would you want one? And if serving the whims of humans gets you out of hell for a while, why wouldn't you devote yourself to your human with slavish devotion? Also what does Helen [...]
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Fateme Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
مفیس تافلیس :جهنم در بطن عناصر طبیعت است و در آنجا تا ابد دچار شکنجه و عذاب هستیم. دوزخ حدود ندارد و در یک نقطه معین نیست، هر جا ما هستیم دوزخ هم همانجاست و هرجا دوزخ باشد جای ما تا دنیا دنیاست در آن است. خلاصه تا روزیکه گیتی معدوم شود و هر آفریده ای از گناه پاک گردد هرجا بهشت نباش [...]
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Emad Attili Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
“Hell is just a frame of mind” When you finish reading Doctor Faustus, you become extremely confused and you keep asking yourself a crucial philosophical question: Are we born good or evil? And that leads you to another question: What is the purpose of existence? Then, you find yourself obligated to answer an overwhelming question: Do we understand God correctly? When we go back in time to Adam and Eve, we know that their first sin, which resulted in their banishment from Heaven, was the hun [...]
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Laila Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Doktor Faustus'u benim için bu kadar önemli kılan şey Goethe'nin eserine esin kaynağı olmuş olmasıydı. Uzun zamandır okumak istiyordum İngiliz Edebiyatı klasigi olmasının yanında cehennem ve şeytan göndermeleri de çok ilgi çekiciydi diye başlamış olayım.Başka yayın evlerinden okuma şansım olduğu halde Sıla Kültür'ün sınırlı sayıda bastığı eseri tercih ettim. Çevirmeni sevgili İsmail Cengar'la da tanışınca doğru kararı verdiğimi anladım. İnsanın b [...]
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Mahdie Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
بیش از هر چیزی مثل موعظه های مذهبی بود
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Biblio Curious Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
So good, it'll make your stomach jump out of your body!!! I'll review this gem very soon and link it here! biblioatlas/2017/05/doThe actual play is only 98 pages. The intro stuff is 70 (which I read only to learn there's 2 versions of this play and this book, there should be a dude in a robe on the cover in greyscale, edited by Michael Keefer (ISBN 9781551112107) contains both versions. Keefer painstakingly fused the two editions together to give a complete, uncensored version that Marlowe would [...]
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Raha Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
متاسفانه بخش هایی از این نمایشنامه که حاوی گفتگوهای جالبی بین ابلیس ،مفیس تافلیس و بلزی بوب هست ، و همین طور یکی دو پرده از نمایشنامه ، اصلا ترجمه نشده بود ، کلی از شخصیت ها کلا حذف شده بودن و حتی اشاره ای هم بهشون نشده بود.چقدر حیف که چنین نوشته هایی به دست مترجمان بی خرد قربانی [...]
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Negar Bolboli Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
What's up with the epilogue? I should think it's rather hastily wraped up in a moralistic "don't-do-it-guys" sorta way!
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Norma Anna Corbett Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
Great play, I have to read it for uni. I really enjoyed it and would definitely read again.
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Amber Tucker Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS if, for some reason of your own, you do not know what happens to Faustus in the end.Can I just note that Mephistopheles is a really smooth name? I know Marlowe didn't invent it, but still. Cool names aside, I have to say that I was expecting rather more from this play - unfairly? It is only 56 pages long, small pages at that. But whatever I hoped to find here, it wasn't delivered. Dazzling prose? Not a chance (or not much - I have admitted my overgeneralization as p [...]
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Chelsea Rae Jun 01, 2020 - 13:49 PM
"o soul, be changed into little water drops, / and fall into the ocean, ne'er be found!"to absolutely nobody's surprise, i loved this play. particularly faustus's countdown soliloquy; i, too, want to be drawn up "like a foggy mist into the entrails of yon laboring cloud." when will my soul dissolve into elements?? not soon enough. the footnotes in this edition feel a little wacky and the intro is pretty tongue-in-cheek (about what you'd expect from the '80s) but it does include the B-text in the [...]
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