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Free Download Necroscope IV: Deadspeak - by Brian Lumley
Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM By Brian Lumley

Free Download Necroscope IV: Deadspeak - by Brian Lumley - Necroscope IV: Deadspeak, Necroscope IV Deadspeak A new vampire stalks the earth and only Harry Keogh can defeat him The silence of the grave is not silent at all In their millions the dead are screamingbut no one can hear them Atop a perilous clif
  • Title: Necroscope IV: Deadspeak
  • Author: Brian Lumley
  • ISBN: 9780812530322
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback


Ken McKinley Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Harry Keogh has returned from Starside Sunside and he s been stripped of his power to converse with the dead, or deadspeak He also isn t able to travel via the M bius Continuum His wamphryii son disabled his ability while on Starside For four years, Harry has been unable to use his former ability to speak with the dead, except while he is sleeping Unfortunately, he can not remember his conversations with them once he has awakened He is still employed with E Branch, just in case his abilities are [...]
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Ade Couper Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Well , back to the excellent Brian Lumley his Necroscope series at the start of this book , Harry Keogh is an ex necroscope , his powers having been taken from him by his son who is Wamphyri about 4 years ago At the same time E Branch are looking into a case of drug smuggling in the Greek islands , a Mr Lazaridis is finding archaeological treasures so easily almost as if he knows exactly where to look.So , there s a new vampire in town or in Romania to be exact to fight him , Harry needs his abi [...]
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David Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Best one yet Loving this series
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Arunkumar Mahadevan Pillai Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Maybe it s just me, but chillers stopped chilling me and thrillers stopped thrilling me a long, long time ago It d been a good long while since I picked up a book which fell into either category, when I got my hands on this one The cover is suitably disturbing and well done The same cannot be said of the contents I can only say that this book displays about the same level of plot ingenuity as a 1960 s pulp comic Which is not that surprising, since this is after all the fourth book of a rapidly e [...]
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Julian Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Deadspeak was one of my favorite Necroscope stories I ve been reading the books in chronological order, so I ve spent the last few months read about all of Harry s adventures during the Los Years Pirates, alien forest monsters, the plague bearer, the Mobius murders, etc I ve been dying to get back to the present following Harry Keogh s experience on Sunside Starside And Lumley didn t disappoint Deadspeak contained all the story elements I was hoping for, including a strong showing by members of [...]
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Roddy Williams Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Harry Keogh has returned from the parallel world of the Wamphyri with his Necroscope powers hypnotically removed by his vampire son, Harry Jr He can no longer speak to the dead or go teleporting through time and space via the Mobius continuum.If this wasn t bad enough his new boss is trying to murder him, he is being stalked by a Soviet assassin, and the dead are rising from their graves to leave him messages on his lawn, arranged in pieces of dry stone walling.Meanwhile, in Romania, a group of [...]
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JP Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Oh hey, turns out there is another Ferenczy Or rather, that s what a lot of this book felt like Don t get me wrong, it s interesting to fill out a few of the possibilities of what might happen if a vampire spawns a mostly human child who then desperately tries to learn to be a Vampire But at the same time, it s starting to feel like the same story again, just with different players.Another twist this time, which I at first appreciated was that Harry has lost his powers stolen from him by Harry [...]
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Geoff Battle Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Deadspeak will make far sense if you re up to speed with the previous three Necroscope novels This entry offers a fresh story and villain, utilising a myriad of characters from the first books It has plenty of twists and the plot is well constructed and straightforward Previous entries have contained substantial reminiscence to build the story and Deadspeak is set solidly in the current era, with a single flashback to offer some depth to the new plot Although it capitalises on previous content, [...]
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Jack Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
4.5 5 stars this is the first of the necroscope series that I read and have since collected and read them all maybe a few of the very end I might have missed, but after all the sparkly vampire and silly movies and novels i needed to re read a true vampire lets bleed and no remorse creature book and the creatures in this series do just that, not only are they a race totally different from humans but they live there life as such The best parts of these novels for me are when the story line takes y [...]
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Matthew Allred Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
The entireNecroscope series is just one big treat if you like horror and or espionage Yes, as I ve mentioned in every review for Lumley s books, he s a wacky writer often not intentionally , but if you can see past some of his quirks and literary weaknesses you ll find his weird, magnanimous soul shining out on every page I don t know him personally of course, but from his books he just seems like an extremely imaginative and likable person, the kind of person you want around you The books can b [...]
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Chris Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Book 4 about Harry Keogh Necroscope Janos Ferenczy, son of Faethor is back, and aims to be Wamphyri in our world not Starside Harry, however, has lost his powers, and is a mere normal man again What to do to stop this from happening That s the ride this book takes you on, and it s a good one Darcy is here, as well as Jazz and Zek albeit not for much of the book , and there is much travel with some Russian spys thrown as a seperate plot to try to foil the good guys again Will they succeed Will Ha [...]
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Lisa Cleveland Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
The beginning of the end Harry Keogh has some major problems, he s lost his deadspeak and access to the Mobius Continuum, but he s also got a nasty red thread running through his future timeline I loved this book Janos Ferenzcy kills off some well beloved characters in this book and I was sorry to see them go I love how this story takes place in the Greek islands with a bit of Romania thrown in, of course One of Mr Lumleys best books in the series Yep, I d recommend this story and author.
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Taft Babbitt Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
So my buddy in college came to me with the first book in this series demanding that I read it I told him I wasn t into Vampires He insisted, demanded So I read it and it with it s following books was one of the great adventures I have been on while reading I loved these books You learn so much about Vampires and their history according to the author of course and the hero feels like a good friend.
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Leigh Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Another great book in the story of Harry Keogh, Necroscope I enjoy the way Lumley paces things in his books It s nice to see that someone as powerful as Harry still has his weakness gets battered around at times I just wished he d put in of Janos He s built up to be so powerful, yet we rarely see much of him after his initial introductions But I guess that can be overlooked as we do learn a lot about him from Faethor.
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Michelleandderek Nakagawa Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
As Harry has been deprived of his deadspeak, he must continue to fight against vampires This time it is Janos, son of Faethor, and he is no joke This series continues to please and always seems to have surprises in store as old characters die and new ones are introduced.Bring on the next one.
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Dollie Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Poor Harry Keogh I think I ve fallen quite in love with him I hate for anything bad to happen to him, so this book made me sad Still, I couldn t stop reading it and I hope things go better for Harry in the next book, which I m sure I ll be starting this evening.
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Serena Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.
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Havala Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
This one may have actually still been interesting though the series has its drawbacks starting with keeping Harry as the main character.
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Ellen Maze Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Creepy to the maxbut a guilty pleasure
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David Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Another great entry in this series Excellent
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Vicky Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Still a kind of grind series for me but hey I m soldiering on.
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Daniel Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
A great book They just keep getting better, and nice tie into his Lovecraftian stories.
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Timothy Boyd Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Now the vampires get revenge Great read, this series is a very good vampire mythos Very recommended
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Jessica Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Over the top and oh so good.
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Paul Darcy Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
By Brian Lumley, published in 1990.In Necroscope IV Deadspeak, the fourth Necroscope novel by Brian Lumley, something in Romania is stirring again Ashes to ashes, dust to demon .But Harry Koegh, the Necroscope, has been stripped of his powers and is pretty much useless in the battle which is to come It is a battle he will need to win, but how The last of the Wamphyri Lumley s version of uber vampires is thought to have been burned from the world of men, but that is not altogether true Something [...]
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Jason Gusman Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
It s been a while that Harry s powers have been dormant The new head of E Branch really a Russian spy sets up Sandra to keep tabs on him, She becomes Harry s girlfriend in the process During this dormant time, Harry has his mind overtaken by the dead while he sleeps These increasingly horrific dreams start to show a sign of reason for him and he figures out that the dead are sending him a message to go to the Mediterranean Sea are and track down vampires Sandra s intentions are revealed after sh [...]
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Andy Strutt Jan 16, 2022 - 18:40 PM
Necroscope Series by Brian LumleyReview by Andy Strutt author of The Afflicted I first discovered this series by receiving Necroscope III The Source as a Christmas present I had never heard of Brian Lumley but I was instantly infatuated with his work as soon as I had read the first few pages Obviously, the first thing I did was go out and find the rest of the Necroscope series.Harry Keogh is a very strange character with morbid supernatural powers that allow him to speak to the dead That is enou [...]
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Necroscope IV: Deadspeak By Brian Lumley Free Download Necroscope IV: Deadspeak - by Brian Lumley - Necroscope IV: Deadspeak, Necroscope IV Deadspeak A new vampire stalks the earth and only Harry Keogh can defeat him The silence of the grave is not silent at all In their millions the dead are screamingbut no one can hear them Atop a perilous clif

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  • Free Download Necroscope IV: Deadspeak - by Brian Lumley
    154 Brian Lumley
Necroscope IV: Deadspeak